Our story

 „Impossible” is not for us

As it appears from the words of Cristi, the man behind the business, ambition has always been a determining factor that has maintained and led BARBER STORE company to development from 2017 until now. The desire to succeed in this field started from noticing the entrepreneurs' real need to develop, and for an organic growth they always needed the right tools and diversification of the range of products to work with. The barbering domain in Romania is in continuous development, and the fact that we contribute to this beautiful story can only make us happy and motivate us even more. Perseverance, hard work, empathy and the way we interact with our clients, are constant features in our evolution and achieving the success.

A new vision

Maintaining a growing stream of collaborators and partner academies, a number of more than 60 brands (L3vel3, Kiepe, WAHL, Babbyliss, NishMan, Renee Blache ) distributed anywhere in the world, 30,000 loyal customers and more than 60,000 orders fulfilled until currently, they support the quality of the products and services offered. Also, one of our ambitions that has already taken shape is the launch of our own brands. POP BARBERS, Rovre, Menser, Glemen are such examples that offer professional grooming products, styling, accessories dedicated to men and have seen a rapid rise in the top preferences of customers. We also support Romanian entrepreneurs, who either want to start in this field of work or simply expand, facilitating European or state funding projects. More details found in the special section. We also came to meet the customers, with a very effective solution available to everyone in case of unforeseen malfunctions of specialized equipment: the Barber Store Service! So, based on a form or directly in the store, you can repair your favorite utensils.

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