Promo package -NISH MAN - Hair wax - 9 assortments - 12 pcs + Babyliss Skeleton + blade gift

The package contains 12 pieces of wax from each NISH MAN assortment (01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09) + Babyliss TrimmerSkeleton + Blade Gift
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The package contains 12 pieces of wax from each NISH MAN assortment (01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09) + Babyliss Skeleton + Blade  Gift
Nish Man (our story)
Nish-Man comes to meet everyone in 2016 with a very wide range of products that it provides for time efficiency and improvement of styling products on the market. This help offered by Nish Man enriches the field and helps any professional entrepreneur or at the beginning of the road to constantly develop and create quality works with a lot of products that he makes available.
Give your hair the shine and firmness it needs. Hair wax offers a fragrant aroma, very fresh helping to fix and strengthen the hair
Aqua,Ceteareth-25,Glycerin,Hydrogenated Castor Oil,Perfume,BHT,Benzyl Alcohol,PPG-2 Methyl Ether,2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol,Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate,Linalool,D-Limonene,Butyphenyl Methylpropinal.
Thicken your hair to make it more resistant
Provides firmness to the hair
It gives a bright and very fresh look
Do not load the hair
Directions for use:
Dose the amount of wax you need depending on the length of your hair, then spread evenly over all the hair.
Country of origin: Turkey
Babyliss surprises that every time through innovation and inventiveness at the highest levels presenting a new model from the range of contour cars with engine "Ferrari". Giving proof of professionalism and performance in everything regarding household appliances and home appliances, babyliss comes to the market with a very useful and professional gadget among barbers. Babyliss Skeleton FX787G Pro Gold Trimmer is distinguished by its elegance, ensuring a superior quality experience than conventional appliances. It is distinguished by the battery life of about 120 minutes after a charging cycle of only 180 minutes. It has accumulator power supply, offering the possibility of easy handling, and like most cars from Babyliss, the Skeleton FX787G Pro Gold Trimmer contouring machine welcomes us with a completely new technology and an unparalleled cutting performance. With a weight of 232 grams and with a motorization of 7200 revolutions per minute, it becomes a very useful and reliable accessory for any professional. Due to the t-wide blade made available by babyliss offers a maneuverability as practical as possible both in professional and personal use at home. Use this high quality device carefully and provide care in optimal conditions to ensure a long life of the device.
Battery life about 120 minutes
Very powerful, high-speed DC motor
Blade movement at 7,200 revolutions per minute
A metal blade for a perfect contour
Includes a tbrush for cleaning
LED indicator indicating the charge level of the battery
Operating voltage: 100-240V / 50-60 Hz
Weight of the device: 232 grams
Weight of packaged apparatus: 776 grams
Charging time 180 minutes. 
Casing made entirely in metal.
Instructions for use:
Use this high precision and high quality device with the necessary attention and care and you will ensure many years of correct operation
Remove the Babyliss with/without power cord together with the transformer from the cardboard box
Connect the device to a socket of 220-240V CA or to a socket that has the voltage indicated on the device.
The device was loaded in the factory. It is advisable to charge the device for 60-90 minutes after it has been discharged to increase its performance.
To turn on the device, set the button in the ON position.
To turn it off, toggle the button to the initial position
Turn off the clipper immediately after use
Instructions for the maintenance of the device:
In order to keep the device in an optimal working condition, the blades must be cleaned. Remove hair from the blades of the clipper with a brush (NISH MAN - Professional brush - fade brush - L) or use a special spray for cleaning (CLIPPERCIDE - Cleaning spray for clippers - 500 ml)
Lubrication of the machine: Apply the oil (ANDIS - Oil for lubricating the clippers - 118 ml) with the machine on, keeping the machine with the blade down let the oil act for about 2-3 minutes then wipe with a cloth.
Use suitable products for cleaning and lubricating the clipper
Precautions of use
After unpacking the product it is necessary that it is not put into operation for 2-3 hours to eliminate the possible condensation (if the product was transported at low temperatures or in wet, foggy weather)
Do not use the device near pools or water vessels. Do not put the device in water or other liquids.
Use the device according to the instructions for use. Always check if the device is in good condition before using it. Do not use it if it shows signs of malfunctions or if it has been dropped on the ground.
IMPORTANT! Always turn off the device when you are not using it or when you are cleaning it.
Do not leave the device unattended during operation.
Do not leave the device on any surfaces during use
In case of device failure, contact the supplier. Do not try to repair the device.
Do not store the device at hand for children. This device is not intended for use by children.
Always let the machine cool down before storing it.
Do not use other accessories than those recommended by the supplier.
This device complies with DIRECTIVES 89/336/EEC (Electromagnetic Compability)
The product benefits from a warranty period of 12 months.
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